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Insulated Sectional Garage Doors

In Yorkshire

Sectional Garage Doors in Yorkshire

Our team here at Roller Door Direct offer some of the very best products that are available here in the UK, like Gliderol insulated sectional garage doors. All these doors come complete with installation, therefore making them perfect for garages which are already insulated.
40mm insulated panel with a market leading installed door ‘U’ value of 1.35. Thermal insulation U = 1.35 W/(m2_) is compatible with brick walls of 55cm thickness. The full lifetime of Gliderol sectional doors is up to 25,000 open and close cycles which corresponds to approximately 17 years of operation with 4 open and close’s per day. Gliderol sectional door seals are manufactured in EDPM, this is a soft sealing rubber compound. The side and top seal have two leaves, forming an additional air chamber that substantially reduces any loss of heat.

40mm thick sandwich panels, these provide the foundation for durability, robust construction and resistance to impact and wind.

Gliderol sectional garage doors can withstand the harshest environments, including the equivalent of 15 years of operation in coastal arears and heavily polluted industrial regions.

They all conform to European standards – EN 12604 / EN 12453 / EN 12424 / EN 12425 / EN 12426.

Maintenance & Service

We can maintain and service older or existing Roller Doors, Security Shutters and the mechanisms and motors powering them.

Keep them in good working order with regular servicing and maintenance.

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