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Single Skin Manual Roller Doors

In Yorkshire

Family Run Business

Single Skin Manual Roller Doors in Yorkshire

Here at Roller Doors Direct we are extremely proud to say that we supply some of the best Garage Doors available in the UK. Gliderol Garage Doors are known for having a great history in the UK and really do make a Quality Product.

The Gliderol Steel Roller Door is a non-insulated, space efficient, stylish steel roller door.thick on our Elite model

The clean & timeless design comes with a very competitive price.

Each Roller Door is custom made to order, in both single & double door sizes (upto 5000mm wide and 3000mm in height).

Easy to use , install & maintain.

Available in 13 Plastisol Colours & 3 Laminated Woodgrain Colours.

Durable Bottomseal on the underside of the door prevents leaves and other undesirable materials from entering your Garage.

Automation is available using the stylish Gliderol GRD+ Motor

Gliderol manufacture three main types of garage doors 

* A continuous steel curtain roller garage door
* An insulated roller garage door
* A seasonal garage door

They manufacture three main types of garage doors 

* Residential home garages
Airport hanger doors
Self-storage facilities

Perfect for any garage due to the space saving properties of the Gliderol Single Skin Manual Roller Door.

Maintenance & Service

We can maintain and service older or existing Roller Doors, Security Shutters and the mechanisms and motors powering them.

Keep them in good working order with regular servicing and maintenance.

  • Roller Doors.
  • Automatic Doors.
  • Garage Doors.
  • Security Shutters.
  • Motors & Mechanisms.

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