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Window Shutters

In Yorkshire

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Window Shutters in Yorkshire

Window Shutters are a crucial security element of any business premises. Most domestic and commercial properties like to have window shutters to protect the premises at night and for also when there is no one there.
Window Shutters, Security Shutters and Grilles are discreet but security focused products, which can be kept out of site whenever not in use, however they do provide visible resistance to burglars and work as a effective resistance against crime when used. If you wish you can get your security shutter to blend in with any existing building with a wide range of colours and compact roller hoods. Here at Roller Door Direct we can supply, fit and maintain your window shutters, we can confirm they are made in the UK and always provide a 2-year guarantee.

* 44mm Extruded Slats.

* Curtain is supplied fully assembled for you.

* 15PRM Tube Motor.

* Available in either Electric or Manual.

* 2-years warranty.

* A very wide range of choice in colour.

* We can offer supply only or fully installed.

* Canopy Box fully assembled with the Motor and Barrel for you.

* We can use matching colour surrounds (Guides, Canopy Box, Bottom.

* Rail and End Plates) to match the colour of the curtain.

Maintenance & Service

We can maintain and service older or existing Roller Doors, Security Shutters and the mechanisms and motors powering them.

Keep them in good working order with regular servicing and maintenance.

  • Roller Doors.
  • Automatic Doors.
  • Garage Doors.
  • Security Shutters.
  • Motors & Mechanisms.

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